G. V. Industries, Inc. has the capability and flexibility to produce work to your specifications and meet your deadlines. We offer a diverse range of machining services, including light welding, fabrication and assembly. We are capable of handling every phase of a given project, from prototype to production runs, research and development work, precision parts, or building complete assemblies. We use the most modern technologies from CAD/CAM software to CNC machines. Our CMM's assure the highest quality. Our staff of highly skilled machinist and craftsmen understand the needs and expectations of our valued customers. You'll find our production machining prices competitive with today's market.

We service a wide spectrum of Industries from smaller local manufacturers to large Fortune 500 Companies.

Our experience and communication skills enable us to work easily with anyone in your organization.

The entire staff at G. V. Industries is dedicated to providing their experience, knowledge, and professional service required to meet the exacting expectations of our customers. We are committed to meet, and exceed our customer’s requirements.